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Event report - One day of Spa with IWC and AMGA week ago we found our solution to the Belgium Ardennes for that 70th edition of the Total One day of Spa-Francorchamps. This circuit which is flanked by forests is rated as among the most iconic tracks on the globe. And it is often a pleasure being because it brings back memories going back to the 1990's once i accustomed to visit regularly to discover the F1 from close.About to Spa-Francorchamps in good company, soon more!24 hours of SpaUpon arrival at the paddocks, we're welcomed by IWC at the stand of the automotive partner AMG. In the event, we to research the track from various positions and have a c = continual reporting look at the One day of Spa. Apart from the obvious there's additionally much going on throughout a race weekend. In the same way an impression some numbers with the official tyre supplier Pirelli: bringing an astonishing 24 trucks on the track with 12.000 tyres for that GT races. They've 111 people with 15 nationalities working over the weekend to maintain the teams supplied with fresh rubber.We expected most services being released on the circuit, yet we found out that again you need to is brought here and installed prior to race. An enormous logistic challenge once you take into consideration all the work which goes into the organising of merely one race weekend. For people involved, job well done! When the entire circus has left the track massive concrete structures remain. Mercedes AMG GT3Some hours before the beginning of the race we go to the few teams which are racing inside the Mercedes AMG GT3. First stop is with Team Black Falcon who've 3 cars participating. Depending on the racing class each car features a different amount of drivers for a minimum of two. As a whole there are 4 classes which might be best explained here. rolex deals At team Black Falcon we encounter pro-driver Maro Engel who explains everything car while taking place as part of his shared office to the race. The amount 4 car has a special '320 Changes Direction' livery in of support those that have mental health concerns.# 4 Mercedes AMG GT3 with special liveryOn his wrist will be the Pilot's Watch Chronograph. After going around the automobile with Maro we get together with Prince Abdulaziz sporting an indication XVIII tribute to MKXI, the minimalist kind of the IWC Mark XVIII which is one among the best models of IWC.Prince Abdulaziz Turki Al Faisal sporting a Mark XVIII Edition Tribute to Mark XIAs time is ticking away towards the start of race we continue an enclosed look at the AMG support in the race. They convey trucks brimming with spares which range from simple bolts to finish engines and anything in-between. They manage to supply teams with nearly any kind that they can might need through the race. Via an online portal and that is available 24/7, any team can order their spares, get support or information. Like live data and that is collected over the next mobile office. Within the AMG support where all information is being monitoredLive data on displayJust before the start of the 1 day of Spa, we visit team Strakka that is one of the most respected and successful privateer teams in professional motorsport. Here we get together with Maxi(milian) Gotz who we've had the pleasure of meeting recently in the AMG Winter Knowledge of Sweden. Again we obtain learn more of assorted race-related subjects. He explains about details just like the technical limitations on the car such as reduced air-intake and added weight. At the back of the pit-box, he shows us several of the spare parts created in lightweight graphite.Maxi Gotz in the driver's seat sporting an IWC Ingenieur in Carbon Device, the cars receive a final check-up for that race. The alignment of the wheels is carefully being checked as well as the lighting is corrected to be sure the drivers have a great visual of the track during the dark hours on the race. The stress ahead of the start of 24 hours of SpaWith lower than an hour to visit prior to the addition of the 24-hour race all cars are parked within the circuit which can be open for that 'grid walk'. Our last opportunity to see the cars from close associated with the stunning grid girls that are still here unlike with the F1. It also gives us the opportunity stand at the end in the ever impressive Eau Rouge / Raidillon corner. It's hard to assume exactly what must feel like undergoing this corner at full speed. Going slightly downhill first, turning nearly everywhere shooting up some 40 meters at nearly full speed without the vision of what is behind the corner.A corner of all cornersMinutes before first we leave the grid then the cars make their solution to the starting of the endurance race. Through the following hours, we have got to see the race from various locations about the circuit. As darkness starts it gets harder to tell apart the cars. That's why they are equipped with various coloured lights and lit numbers showing their class and position. This may cause them somewhat better to recognise, breitling bracelet even at top speed. As with every endurance race, time took its toll watches . Try concentrating to try and do lap after lap at maximum speed in a car which warms to ultra tropical temperatures. Changing conditions including darkness, showers and close racing make sure it is a spectacular event. In the event the experience with the Twenty four hours of Spa-Francorchamps wasn't exciting enough, driving home in a Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63s Estate (that also got us there) sure was the cherry around the cake for this amazing race event. Big as a result of IWC and AMG in making this possible in addition to their great hospitality.Mercedes AMG E63s Estate